Flickr Photos in Google Earth

Out of the box, Google Earth can display photos from Panoramio and a variety of other sources such as 360 Cities and Gigapxl, but not from Flickr. This is unfortunate, since Flickr hosts a huge stock of high quality geotagged photos, often uploaded by ambitious photographers who would not use platforms such as Panoramio.

This application provides a Google Earth KML layer that displays geotagged Flickr photos for the current view. It works exactly the same as the default "Photos" layer, except that locations are marked width a red square:

Flickr Photos in Google Earth

To get started, simply download the file flickr-photos-in-google-earth.kmz and open it in Google Earth. Because Google Earth does not provide a robust way to implement server side sessions, a login is required.

This application btw. provides a very similar functionality to the now discontinued flickr kml feed that used to exist at

Furthermore, if you are interested in geotagging photos with Google Earth, we highly recommend the trippermap geotagger. And for generating kml feeds for specific Flickr users or tags, we recommend the mapMyflickr tool.

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